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Out of Hibernation

Posted on Jul 23, 2013

Out of the fire rises the phoenix, or something like that, maybe not quite so dramatic, maybe more dramatic? Yes the rumours are true, Sons of Aurora are booked to play a set at this years Motion Notion festival!! We are scheduled to perform on the main stage at midnight on Saturday night, right after Sensient and right before Earthling. This set has been heavily inspired by Iono tunes so don't be surprised to hear lots of tunes off that label in the set on Saturday night. Of course Sons of Aurora has for many years been a brothership of Norris Lam and Darvin Knorr. This year Norris will not be able to join Darvin on stage, however Sons of Aurora will again be performing as a duo, with a founding DJ of the Canadian Psytrance scene, Jeff Ursa, joining Darvin on stage. Jeff has been a master of the psy for longer than most, it's going to be an amazing collaboration!!

In anticipation for Motion Notion 2013, we have just released a live recording of the Sons of Aurora set from last years Motion Notion. I hope it finds you well and on safe adventures to your next sonic destination under the stars and in the trees. Peace!



The Only Thing Certain Is Change

Posted on Sep 6, 2012

As some may have noticed, the Sons of Aurora presence here on Area709 has been minimal since one half of the duo moved across the pond awhile back. After some chatting about future goals and adventures, it has been decided that Norris Lam will only be performing on special occasions, and Darvin Knorr will be perfoming solo as Sons of Aurora when he is performing full-on or psydub sets such as at the annual Motion Notion and Shambhala festivals. Darvin will focus on Zenonesque sounds when performing as Nokturnal, and Norris will be working on his own original productions and hopes to eventually have them released under the Sons of Aurora name.
And, at other times in the future there may be other killer performers who will step in for Norris and perform with Darvin under the Sons of Aurora banner, but whatever happens, the music will be top notch as it alway has been!!
The future is wide open, so many amazing adventures yet to come!!  We have posted up the Motion Notion 2009 set and the newly studio mixed Motion Notion 2011 mix, both in the Sons of Aurora music section. The 2010 Motion Notion mix is next on the list, as well as the 2012 Motion Notion mix. There is also a new psybud chill mix being compiled which is looking like it's going to be a feast for the ears. So Sons of Aurora is not gone, mearly... slightly transformed and always evolving.

Shambhala Chill Set

Posted on Jul 31, 2010

We will be playing a chill set at the Labyrinth chill stage Friday night at 1:30am

Super stoked to share some new tunes with all you cats!!


big love

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