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Too fast

Posted on Sep 26, 2012

You know you have great friends when an extended weekend away goes by in what seems like hours instead of days. It felt like I had just arrived when I had to leave. Such is the case whenever I travel back to Calgary. 

I arrived late Thursday night and was invited out to Chef Eric's restaurant for some brew and food. Excellent start to the weekend!

Friday was spent with Wes running around grabbing gear and having way too many laughs about everything. It never fails to amaze me that we can live on opposite sides of this great country and can get caught up in what seems like minutes, and then fall back into our own pattern of shits and giggles. This is something I always enjoy to no end. I think I still owe you one on the Heater!! Late afternoon we made it out for a round of where the hell's my ball (golf in layman's terms), and then out to CRAFT for some more beer and food. Brendan you were on fire (I don't want to see another Heineken for a very long time)!!!!!

The added bonus this time was to be invited to play at 5 (on Saturday night), Wes' celebration of 5 years of 709Sessions radio shows, of which I have also had the priviledge of being a guest DJ quite a few times over the last 5 years.

Overall the night was like the weekend, over too quickly. It was great to see some old friends and to meet a few new ones as well! Besides one technical glitch, the night was filled with great tunes and a fun vibe inspired by the decor and the overall tone of the party! I think the hardest part of the night for me was to decide on whether to play my usual brand of Psy-Trance, or to go with a more Progressive set (similar to the style that I usually out together for Wes' radio shows). In the end I ended up sloshing it out with some Psy. Not one of my better sets, but fun nonetheless (might have had to something with the overabundance of FOG courtesy of Mr. Jay- I owe you one!!).

Reener, Jay, Rob, Bruce, Darren, Darvin and Cary- it was good to see you all again (even though it was short lived!).

It was hard to pack things up afterwards (I think the hiring of a cleaning crew might be in order next time!).

Sunday was low key as most of the energy in this 41 year old was toast (not built for these 30 hour days anymore!!)  

Monday another round of golf was snuck in (after dropping most of the gear off) before the flight back on Westjet (which was delayed by over 2 hours- I thought that was Air Canada's forte!). 

Hats off to Wes for a great night out (and an excellent weekend as always!!!).

Cheers also to Eric, Marshall, Travis, Sarah, Chris and Brendan for the fun times and laughs!!

Now to try and get a proper sleep and to get back to the routine...

Where did Summer go!

Posted on Sep 5, 2012

Man time does fly fast. Seems like I was getting ready to entertain for Marshall's 40th with the gang from Calgary and now we have hit the end of the hotline!

The summer has been a fun filled one from spending time with friends from Calgary (Wes, Sarah, Marhsall, Chris, Travis) on the May long weekend, Darvin and Irena on the August long weekend, and having a few trips out to wine country here in Ontario for some excellent weekends of relaxation and tasting! We have also been able to get away to a couple of cottages as well to partake in BBQ's and lakeside chilling.

As sad as I am to see summer go, I am looking forward to it. I have been invited back out west to partake in a night of excellent music with great friends and the electronic community in Calgary (Which is one of the best I have had the pleasure of being a part of). Hard to believe but Wes has been at his Area709 sessions now for 5 years, and he is pulling this geezer back out to Calgary to drop another Psy set. I am totally thriled to be a part of this. Perhaps one day I will get another Psy-Set posted to the site...

On another front I been able to post another mix to the site, but it is in waiting until the middle of the month as it is the set for Wes' radio show and I do not want to let the cat out of the bag for this one quite yet. It is another progressive mix, and one of the best ones I have put together. The plan is to post this one the week before I head out to Calgary.

Ada and I are also expecting a new addition to the family at the end of October, a baby brother for Hana. Hard to believe that there may be a mini Rusty running around at this time next year.

I am hoping to see some familiar faces on the 22nd to catch up and share a few laughs, and possibly meet some new friends in the process as well, not to mention hearing some great tunes and possibly shaking the cobwebs off my dance shoes.

And who knows, maybe the Ron Jeremy wig will make another appearance!

Another one up!!

Posted on Apr 29, 2012

It's been a long time since I was able to get two mixes up in the same month!! But it has been done. Another Progressive mix of techno and house focusing on older tracks and sounds.

Looks like Wes and the misses along with a couple of friends will be making there way east near the end of May as Marshall is welcomed into the 40 year club! Another weekend of silliness will follow for sure along with a game of "did you see where my ball went". Can't wait!!!!

By that time I will have finished off my last course towards my CCP designation (finally). Once this is done that is the last post secondary degree for this overeducated soul. Can't wait for this either!!

Now if Wes could only fix the glitch in the system ;) ....


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