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New booth - and nearly summer!

Posted on Nov 28, 2015

According to the calendar, there are only two days left of spring here in Melbourne. Based on the weather in recent days, you'd never know it. Each year it seems the path from winter to summer in this city is filled with meteorological melodrama - 35C one day, 12C the next. This year has been right on point. About the only thing we've yet to see this year is flash flooding at the base of Elizabeth St around Flinders St Station, but it may well still be coming. Hopefully the weather settles down a bit with the arrival of summer.

We spent a few rainy spring weekends doing a bit of woodworking, expanding on the Ikea-based DJ booth that I've been using for the better part of a year. Some sawing, some sanding, and some staining, and we're now in business with a much more refined looking piece of furniture that holds all of my kit. Pretty happy with how it turned out, too.

Had a lot of fun at a gig two weeks ago at a nice outdoor space in the outer eastern suburbs - an engagement party with some very forgiving neighbours and very gracious hosts. I don't do a lot of wedding/engagement type work, but when it all comes together it can be a lot of fun and a chance to share music with a very diverse crowd.

In celebration of 100 episodes of the 709Sessions, Wes Straub has asked me to contribute a guest mix to the show, which will be broadcast globally on DI.fm in early January 2016. Episode 037 of Music For Small Audiences is now up on iTunes, Mixcloud, and right here on Area709. Enjoy.

Life in Richmond

Posted on May 10, 2015

After four years in South Yarra, I have moved to Richmond. It's great to have a proper DJ booth set up again. Well OK, as proper a DJ booth as one can make by hacking Ikea furniture parts I suppose. This means I'm able to work vinyl back into my sets. Those of you with good headphones will hear a few bits of wax working their way into my podcast episodes, with a few timeless tunes slotted in among the other weird and wonderful tunes I play. Nice to hear that the Kontrol S4's phono pre-amps are halfway decent - and while my Ortofon ellipticlals are still in good shape, I'm still not convinced of the whole OM headshell mount. Thinking I might go back to Concordes, which I haven't had since I sold my Stanton ST150s in 2006. 

Hope all y'all are enjoying the latest episodes! 031 was recorded this past Friday night, and it's a cracker. Should be up shortly.

Springtime in the southern hemisphere

Posted on Nov 20, 2014

I talk about the weather a lot. Some see it as a bland topic, a safe topic, or as indicative of a shallow conversation. Maybe I experience weather differently to those sorts of people, as for me the weather is a big deal to me. Particularly when it's nice. Or interesting. The weather here in spring alternates between the two.

My Podcast, Music For Small Audiences, is now 23 episodes in. I'm encouraged by it's growing popularity. It's available for download and streaming play here, on Mixcloud, in the iTunes store and on mbelleghem.com. 

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