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New Mix and Upcoming Gigs!

Posted on Mar 29, 2013

Starting out to be a busy season. First I wanted to share a new mix that I just put out, that is being really well received!


 Adventures in ShprixieLand :: A Summer 2013 Promo by khan


Next, 2 upcoming gigs:



And am playing after David Starfire at this event:


So as you can see spring is shaping up to be busy. Looking forward to seeing you at these dancefloors! 

2013 Summer Festival Lineup

Posted on Mar 4, 2013

Looking forward to the summer festival season coming up. Here are the festivals I will be playing at:


May 17-20th, Kootenanny Creston BC.



June 14-17th Inshala, Fort Mcleod Alberta:



July 4-7th, Astral Harvest,  Driftpile Alberta:


August 16-18th, Karma, BC


Information will be updated as it becomes available. Hope to see you at one or more of these.


exercising my mental muscles

Posted on May 3, 2010

As those of you who know me are probably well aware, the past decade has been one of deep spiritual exploration for me, tied closely to my experiences with music and dance, and the amazing dance community that we are part of. Over the years I have felt a really strong pull to find a way to carry the sense of expansiveness and connection I feel with all of you on the dancefloor and behind the decks into my everyday life. But somehow, no matter how high I get, (spiritually speaking of course) there is always that inevitable let down of coming back to reality, and the sense of separation and conflict that comes with it.

Over time though, as I feel the flower of consciousness unfold within me, all signs seem to keep pointing in the same direction: the taming of the restless mind with meditation. For years I have felt drawn towards the practice of meditation to train the mind to tune into the joy from within, the source of creation. I want to allow the universal creative force to flow through me, to be a conduit for the divine, rather than being focused on the ego driven "I create". Behind the decks, I find it easy to surrender to that source and let the music flow, but in the studio and in the rest of my life, the ego seems to take centre stage more often than not. Hence the need for meditation: tame the mind, free the flow.

Until recently though, I just haven’t been ready to make the commitment to take time for a daily practice. But as my awareness grows, I begin to see meditation as the key to bringing mindfulness into my music, my relationships, really into every facet of my life. My sources all seem to agree; mindfulness will not only deepen my fulfillment and enjoyment of everything I set out to do, but it forms a basis of deep knowing of what to do in each moment, a kind of blueprint for right action. If I truly want to live a life with full passion and exude love with every action, I see that, above all else in my life, I need to make space for practice, and slowly merge mindfulness into all that I do. With that intention, I have made a commitment to myself to spend at least an hour every second day in silent meditation. I am ready! So my friends, if all goes as planned, you can expect to hear some even deeper, more intentional sounds as the path clears for spirit to come through, loud and clear. Keep your ears and hearts open!








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