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Genres: Tribal Ethnic Progressive House/Trance/Techno/Dubstep, Psydub, Downtempo
Highlights: 14+ years, 40+ festivals, 250+ shows



A 14 year veteran of the westcoast intentional dance scene, Khan's lush progressive sets are filled with tribal rhythms, beautiful melodies and mystical landscapes. He is a master of the live mix, seamlessly blending loops and layers, weaving epic soundscapes on the fly from the raw elements of his carefully selected tracks, while building the energy of the dance floor to its peak. His mission is to facilitate deep, transcendent journeys that bring dancers to a state of higher consciousness, awakening and deepening into the mystery of the dance, and to spread his conscious groove to as many souls as he can reach along the way. From peak sets to early morning transformations to glorious daytime throwdowns, Khan can bring life to any dance floor. Hailing from the beautiful city of Victoria on Canada's westcoast and a summer festival favorite, Khan's infectious spirit is sure to give rise to some serious magic on the dance floor and beyond. 



Dancefloor Endorsements:

"The tasteful blend of organic and electronic sounds, Khan summons from inspiration beyond this world, stimulates the mind and the body producing, in me, what feels to be closer to a spiritual experience than the 'zombie dance' by more common 4/4, Akan drum, loop electronic music." - Aaron Klingbeil


"I was transported into one of the most satisfying spiritual dance experiences in the last 17 years of being involved in the electronic dance movement. An intelligent, perfectly orchestrated sonic journey which engaged every aspect of my being by effortlessly possessing me, bringing me into complete unity with the music and the dance." - Tracey Budy


"Never before had I felt the cohesion of the dance floor, never had I felt so welcomed by music and embraced by its generosity. This was the moment that music festivals all changed for me." - Heath Carra


"Khan's ability to bring a crowd from ground zero to the heights of the heavens is pure magic. It's always a mystical journey from the heart." - Stephanie McColl


"While staying true to his progressive house roots, Khan has delved into ethnic beats and tribal sounds. His music has evolved from soothing sounds of vinyl to the sophisticated, layered builds of Ableton Live. His sets are topnotch, each different yet beautiful." - Junaid Ziauddin


"Khan brings to the table an energy that is divine in the sounds that he mixes" - Lyle Rhodes



To date Khan has ecstatically shared the stage with artists such as, Merkaba, Kalya Scintilla, Bird of Pray, Ill Gates, Infected Mushrooms, Delhi to Dublin, Kaminanda, David Starfire, GOVINDA,  Adham Sheikh and Blue Lunar Monkey.

Notable events:

Luminosity 2014
Epiphany Gathering 2014
Inshala ( Fort McLeod, AB, Canada) 2009-2014
Kootenanay (Creston, BC, Canada) 2004-2014
Astral Harvest (Driftpile, AB, Canada) 2013
Shambhala Music Festival (Salmo, BC, Canada) 2009, 2011
Entheos (Boston Bar, BC, Canada) 2009, 2010, 2011
Re-Connect (Lausanne, Switzerland) March 2010
Karma (Squamish, BC, Canada) 2005, 2007, 2009, 2012
Diversity (Texada Isl, BC, Canada) 2006, 2007, 2008
Monofaktur (Munich, Germany) June 2009
DragonFly (Washington, DC) August 2006
KarmaLounge (NY, NY) Sept 2007
Darband (Tehran, Iran) February 2005