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Dub Creature Soundsystem

Posted on Feb 5, 2016

A bit over a week from now – on February 12th – Dub Creature Soundsystem (DCS) is having its launch in Vancouver.

Originally, DCS was the invention of John (Knautic) and Lisa (Elle Stary) and the name they used for themselves when performing as a pair. John floated the idea of starting a crew sometime back in November, a bit before he released his second Knautic EP with East Van Digital. Musically, I have enough common ground with John and Lisa to comfortably belong under the same umbrella; but, there are also just enough divergences to make things interesting. At various points over the last 8 years, I’ve had somewhat of a similar relationship with a lot of my peers in the Soundproof crew. 

We’ll be playing at the Backstage Lounge from 10pm to 2am, Friday, February 12th. Our special guest this time around will be Andrew (Erski / Eradik) from the SHAH DJs. Front and center on Erski’s Soundcloud page you’ll find his set from BassCoast’s Pirate Radio stage this past summer. This was easily one of my highlights for whole festival, and when he posted the recording, I was surprised how many of his own productions graced the track list… these tracks blew me away on a big system. We’re super lucky to be having this guy behind the deck for our inaugural launch; thanks, Andrew!!! 

Tonight (Thursday), I’m playing the first hour of Kuma and MotoMasa’s “Art of Beatz” radio show in Vancouver, at the stroke of midnight: http://www.artofbeatz.org/site/index.php/aobsite  

Truth be told, while I’m the least dubby of the DCS crew, you’ll hear some hints of what I’ll be playing the following week. Kuma and MotoMasa have a pair of turntables I’ll be firing up for the show, and hopefully you can tune in!


Posted on Jan 29, 2015

So, I've just posted up two things, which may or may not explain what I've been doing since getting back from Colorado in 2013.

First, my bio was in sore need of updating. Some of you may have heard that I, Drew David and Chris Singer took a retirement of sorts from Soundproof in 2014. We're all heavily invested in school, careers and travel these days, and it was the right time and place to pass the torch. I suspect you'll still see us out and about though. Home, is always home.

Second, I've posted the first new mix I've compiled since 'Northern Lights' in 2013. You can find 'Night Colours' in the music section here on Area709, or on Soundcloud, if you're so inclined. Despite the name, I think of the set as something you'd either hear at dusk or dawn.

Short and sweet. And, definitely don't be a stranger... if you make it to the end of the bio, you'll know where to find me these days...

Present Tense

Posted on Nov 11, 2013

Where to begin?


As some of you may know, I’ve been on the road for, well, let’s see, almost 6 months now.  The first leg of my travels took me to the Yukon, then Alberta, Ontario and then back to the Yukon again.  The second leg took me to Squamish, Vancouver, Calgary and then down south to the United States.  My plan was to climb in Colorado, Wyoming and California, then ending the roadtrip in Oregon before heading back to Canada.


With the exception of a couple of side-trips to Utah, I never made it out of Colorado.  Now, it’s time to spend a couple of months back in Vancouver.


While the first part of my journey was driven by a series of personal and professional motivations, the second part was all about self-exploration, healing and pushing my physical and mental limits.  Leaving the Yukon was incredibly difficult in many ways, but I’ll peacefully and happily return there occasionally over the next year for work-related projects.  Going back for a work project this summer was surprisingly liberating.


As a climber, I’ll be hard-pressed to find another place in North America that compares to what I found in Colorado.  As an unintentional nomad, I was extremely lucky to have forged a huge number of deep and meaningful friendships and partnerships on this trip.  I thought leaving the Yukon felt a little like leaving home; but, as it turns out, this sensation became singularly apparent as I departed from Colorado. 


The nice thing about home though, is that you can always go back.  And I fully intend to.


How do I feel about coming back to Vancouver?  Well, I think it’ll be some time until I stop feeling like a transient, anywhere.  I’ve spent roughly a year living out of bags and boxes in other people’s homes, and half of that time was spent outside of BC.  Maybe this is the new normal for me?  Time will tell.  


In the meantime, I’ve dusted off the DJ gear and it’s going to be super full month.  I already revisited one old haunt, the Anza Club, playing a show about two weeks ago.  Next weekend, Soundproof is throwing ‘Incognito,’ our late Fall indoor party.  The weekend after, we’ll be hosting the techno room in support of the SHAH DJs amazing booking of dBridge, of Exit Records fame, and one of the pioneers of the autonomic drum&bass sound.  Super psyched.


Tickets are... well, you know the drill.  Drop me a line, don’t be stranger.


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