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Happy Belated New Year!!!

Posted on Jan 15, 2014

Happy New Year to all! Yes I am a few (15) days late on that, but heart felt none the less. 2013 was a great year for me on many levels, first and foremost was the joy I have had watching my little girl Ava change and grow before my very eyes. I always knew I wanted to be a dad, and I can honestly say that is is even better than I could have imagined. To love a child, my child, is love on a whole other level, and the crazy part is that it just keeps getting better every day. It is so bitter sweet to see her growing up so fast, and I honestly would if I could, slow the whole process down. She is very close to walking now and I will be sad to see her crawling days come to an end as it brings me so much joy to see her zip across the floor on all fours after the dog or towards an opening in the baby proofing this or that. But then each new stage brings on new joys and fun moments. Recently she has begun to sway and bob to music so I think she might love music as much as her mom and dad do, I certainly hope so!

Musically speaking, 2013 had some really amazing highlights for me. The first of which was heading out to the Believe Festival in BC where for the first time ever I had my mom in the crowd while I performed. She was grooving to the tunes throughout the entire set, big smile on her face, that is a memoryI will never forget. She is keen to come to more events, I think she is hooked.

Another big moment was performing the first ever Sons of Aurora set with a partner other than Norris at last years Motion Notion. Jeff Ursa and I did a very intricate tag team performance after Sensient on the main stage on Saturday night, and we got a lot of really positive feedback. I'm excited to do it again, with Jeff or another partner, to keep the project alive and evolving as things often do. Motion Notion is my favourite outdoor summer festival and has been for many years now, it was the perfect place for that set to be perfumed at.

There were a few other really great musical moments last year as well, I feel pretty lucky to have been able to so fully enjoy my DJ  and dance experiences and I hope 2014 will be no different.

On the DJ mixes front, I have a number of live sets from the last two years that I will be posting to share, as well as a few other new projects that I am keen to get completed. I find that I have slow times and then cycle back to being more prodictive, it might be a seasonal thing for sure.

So I wish you all many magical musical dance floor moments in 2014, and maybe I will see you out there and we can get our groove on together. Cheers!!!


Summer Festival Adventures 2013

Posted on Jul 23, 2013

Another festival season is in full swing and this summer has already been a bit of an adventure. Heading out to Whistler to Believe was exciting as the idea of a new international quality fesitval in Canada is a welcome addition to our already amazing summer music circuit. While attendance was disappointingly low for Believe, it was a valiant attempt and I was happy to hear the promoters plan on coming back again next year. The sound was fantastic, the setting was incredible and the music was unreal with so many a list artists all in one place for four days of progressive Psytrance bliss. I hope to make it back out next summer and plan to encourage as many others as possible to join me.

Closer to home, the always legendary Motion Notion festival is welcoming me back. This year marks the ten year anniversary of my wife and I meeting at Motion Notion after she heard me play a set, she had never heard Psytrance before and she was seriously hooked and has been ever since. While I love many genres of music, electronic or otherwise, she seems to only have ears for Psytrance, and the darker the better in her books.

This year at Motion Notion I will be playing a Nokturnal set of deep progressive psy on the Metasphere stage on Saturday afternoon at 3 pm and I'm looking forward to some sunshine and a dip in the river right after I'm done.

I will also be performing a Sons of Aurora set on the main stage at midnight on Saturday night, right after Sensient and right before Earthling. Needless to say I was inspired by all the Iono tunes at the Believe festival so don't be surprised to hear lots of tunes off that label in the set on Saturday night. Of course Sons of Aurora has for many years been a project that I shared with my brother from another mother, Norris Lam. This year I will again be performing as a duo, with a surprise partner so if you happen to make it to the show, you'll find out at the big reveal.

In anticipation for Motion Notion 2013, I have just released a live recording of the Sons of Aurora set from last years Motion Notion. I hope it finds you well and on safe adventures to your next sonic destination under the stars and in the trees. Peace!


Turning 40 and Being a Dad

Posted on May 18, 2013

I've been dragging my heals with this blog post as it has tumbled around in my mind for a little while now. I turned the big four-oh on April 1st this year, and I am happy to say that one of the most important life goals I set for myself before I turned 40 has been achieved: I am newly a dad to a beautiful little baby girl born to my wife Irena and I in Nov of 2012. It was a full moon and a lunar eclipse the night Ava was born, it was the year of the Water Dragon and apparently she has the best of two birth signs so she seems to be auspicious and so far she has been a very happy baby who sleeps well, is growing like a weed and loves to laugh and smile. My wife Irena was fantastic during the pregnancy and was incredible during labor, my brain still can not quite come to terms with what she was able to do.


Ava has brought a whole new level of love to our home. When I look deep into her eyes she looks right back without any hesitation it's like no other moment I have ever experienced with anyone else in my life. She has brought Irena and I much closer together as we share in the joy of loving her and watching each day as she learns a tiny new skill. Ava is a very colorful character already, I am amazed at her little expressions that seem too old for her age, too perfectly timed and suitable to the moment to be a random firing of brain and muscle.


One of the first aha moments for me happened moments after she was born as I held her. I had the realization that she was going to teach me as much and maybe more than I was going to teach her. It was such a relief! And so humbling. I knew in that moment that we were in this adventure together as equals. Of course I know our roles will differ, but they will not be any more or less important than the other.


We are a team, Irena, Ava, our Chihuahua Miscka, and I.


I feel incredibly blessed!!


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