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The Good Life

Posted on Oct 10, 2009

So i woke up this morning after an evening of R&R with the fam to a fritata (mmmmmmm) and -12C weather (ouch!).  That was 9 hours ago now.  Currently i'm sitting in the sun at a charming little restaurant in Gastown in Vancouver, it is 15C out and i'm having a beer typing this post thinking to myself "Damn, i've done pretty well for myself today!".  My laptop's CD burner is whirring away burning the last of my CDs for the show i'm playing here in Van tonight.  "Connections" is a wedding rave (yes that's right, we do that don't we?) and is in celebration of my good friends Jeff and Sandie getting hitched a few weeks ago.  This marks my fourth trip to van in just over 2 months which for me is a fair bit of jet setting.  Now i'm not just out here on my own meal ticket either.  I've had the unusual fortune to have a great group of friends that like to see me so much that they all pitched in to purchase a flight out to van for this show!  Point here being that i'm living the good life right now and actually have some time to reflect on it and say thanks to everyone who i'm going to see tonight who wanted me out here so bad they put their money where their mouth was. 

Jeff, Sandie, Chris, Evan, John, Jeff B, Brock, and whoever else i'm missing, thanks all as that is a pretty awesome gesture!

Peace and Beats!  See you in a few hours!



Summer Party Report

Posted on Sep 1, 2009

Wow so August has been a wild ride for me this year.  I've be out of town for most of the month and only got back last week after a lot of travel and some pretty impressive shows out in BC.  To frame this for you all, I moved into my new Condo in downtown Calgary at the end of July and after just two weeks in the new place (there are still boxes to be unpacked grrrr) I was off adventuring for 3 weeks. 

First stop Squampton to play my first Soundproof party.  You know you are going to get something special when you play the 12th annual Transmission party.  If they can keep it going for that many years they must have gotten something right!  The usual outdoor party woes had to be overcome first of course.  Last minute venue changes and then finding a ride up and back from the gig are always a bit frantic but I did manage to make it out in one piece and got to play a great opening set from 11-12PM.  After that I was able to catch up with everyone and find out what had been going on out in BC for the past year or so.  I was plesantly surprised to see Tash and Jon out this year (been too long you guys!) and despite some scattered showers everyone I talked to loved the gig.

My flight home on Sunday put me back in Calgary for all of 2 days before I had to head back to the airport for a bleary eyed 7:30 AM flight to San Jose, Costa Rica.  My brother has been on the road for the past 3 1/2 months riding his motorcycle down from Vancouver on his way to the south pole or some such nonsense.  Anyways, I had promised to meet him for some R & R in Costa Rica and to bring him fresh supplies for his somewhat dilapidated Moto.  From Cloud Forest to sandy beach we managed to whirlwind our way across half the country in 5 days seeing as many of the sights as realistically possible while still managing to have a good time.  The highlights for me?  Zip lines through the rain forest canopy, jumping off a 45ft. waterfall and sitting at the beach bar drinking Imperiales while the sun went down.  Man talk about a vacation!

Another day of flights brought me back to cow town but not for long again as I had to head out to Squamish again that weekend to play the yearly Beheshto party which this year had partnered with the Karma crowd to put on a two night festival of truely epic proportions.  I got to really lay it down at this show on the Saturday night playing a little over an hour from 12 to 1:15 before a CD epic fail cut me short.  Still there was a great crowd who were digging the tunes up till that point and the rest of the lineup just kept churning out the tunes making this a night to remember.  

Now that i'm back in town again, it's time to slow things down a bit and try to get some of the riding and hiking that I need to do done before the winter sets in again.  I expect some changes in Calgary's scene to take place over the next few months so keep an eye out for some random gigs here and there.  I'll be updating you as I find out more of course.


Resonant Vibes

Posted on May 12, 2009

Hey all,


So in a burst of self promotional effort i've created a profile for myself on Resonant Vibes where I will be posting what I think are some of the better episodes of the podcast as I put them out.  I put one mix up there yesterday and it has already distinguished itself from the masses showing up 13th in there top mixes section.  I hope you will all swing by and vote for the mixes I post so I can push them up the que and hopefully get a bit more exposure as a result!


In other news we will be taking over Balance on Sunday the 17th of May for some long weekend shenanigans so I hope you will all join us on the patio early on and then later inside where we will really get down to business.  Anyways, see you all soon!


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