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First post!

Posted on May 25, 2013

Well, it's quite an honour to join my good friends here at Area709! I had been invited by Darvin some time ago, but felt I wasn't quite ready. Mostly this was due to not feeling like I had a cornerstone mix to provide, but I also wanted to broaden my musical horizons a bit more. Reflecting back, gathering my energies seems like the only possible choice - my promo mix was put together in a single afternoon out of a golden haul of new tracks, and they all just fit together like Lego blocks. That doesn't happen often, so I take that as a positive sign of growth and being present! I also experienced the same thing to an even greater degree when assembling my bass music set, which has been a long time coming. That's on pause for a short while, as I need to finish a remix that's going in the pot along with a few small mix adjustments, but I'm excited to share it with everyone soon. 

In some ways, joining Area709 feels like the last link in completing a circle of sorts. I remember seeing Darvin and Norris play as Sons of Aurora at my first Motion Notion many, many years ago and just being blown away. I wasn't that into psytrance, but what I was hearing embodied everything I loved about progressive - deep, dark, emotionally charged, and at times even a little uncomfortable. I am drawn to music that pulls me inside myself, gives me pause, and reaffirms my respect for the natural world and my fellow human beings. Seeing Jay, Darvin, Norris, Wes, and the rest rock out with their hearts on their sleeves made me try harder than ever before: I wanted to do what they did, get up on stage and play music that had purpose, not just the club bangers you can hear at any show. Being a part of Area709 is the chance to have a broader platform, to make the world a better place with the unrelenting power of music. And I plan to revel in it!

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